Miami University has an early history of antiracist political activism. One notable activism event at Miami that spread beyond the university itself was the “Mississippi Freedom Summer Project.” Although it lasted less than three months, from early June to late August 1964, the project had an enormous effect on American society. This project most importantly managed to bring the national spotlight, both politically and through the media, on the discrimination against Blacks in Mississippi and throughout the U.S. Three of the students who gathered in our campus were murdered for their activism in Mississippi. Despite its initial distaste for this activist work, in 1999 the University officially accepted and celebrated “Freedom Summer” with the building of a memorial to those who participated in the training program, and the establishment of the Freedom Summer walking tour.



(Based on the Guide to Activism at Miami University with contributions by Kaeden Kass, Women’s Center Ambassador, 2013 and Miami University Symphony Orchestra alum)